In my blog of September 21, I explained why the upcoming use of video cameras by Anaheim police officers will not provide transparency. State laws and court decisions will prevent public disclosure of the video evidence police collect. I also noted several reasons for spending $1,100,000 cited by members of the city council to purchase these cameras: accountability, trust, alleviating uncertainty, and decreasing complaints. Contrary to Mayor Tait’s mantra, “little is known about citizen attitudes toward body-worn cameras, most notably whether the technology increases trust, legitimacy, and transparency of the police” (1).

As a writer, editor, and researcher, I am struck by the absence of evidence to support the purchase of body-worn video cameras—about which so little research has been completed. “Scant research exists documenting the decisions made to invest in public surveillance technology” (2). And the evidence for using body-worn video cameras is scanter. Read the rest of this entry »

ruby heeled districtsThe Left continues to pour money into its effort to change the rules of how the Anaheim City Council is elected in order to produce elections results more to their liking, i.e. the election of left-of-center councilmembers to adopt left-of-center policies.

The latest donation comes from the Orange County Labor Federation, AFL-CIO Committee on Political Education (COPE), which on Thursday, September 18 contributed $10,000 to the “yes on Measure L” campaign.  That brings the OC Labor Federation’s total contribution to the Measure L campaign to $20,000. So far, the unions and progressive political forces have put nearly a quarter of a million dollars into Measure L, which will end the at-large council election system and carve Anaheim into single-member council districts.

Does anyone not there believe that radical left-wing organizations like OCCORD and UNITE-HERE are funding this campaign to further the cause of limited government? Will we hear a single word of criticism about this  from Team Tait, which has based its campaign on “fighting outside special interests” even as it enthusiastically supports Measure L, which is being funded entirely by a flood of outside special interest money? 

gail eastmanThis came over the transom today from Councilwoman Gail Eastman’s re-election campaign


It’s time to get out and talk to the voters in Anaheim!

I’m excited for our Precinct Walk TOMORROW, September 20. Stop by my house anytime between 11:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. to pick up campaign brochures, and signs so you can visit with voters in your neighborhood. Sign up today to join us.

Absentee voters will have ballots in their hands in less than three weeks. So let’s get the word out about our vision for the future of Anaheim: A future with safe communities, a growing economy and strong neighborhoods.

Even if you can’t walk tomorrow, please come pick up your packet and walk your neighborhood any time in the next couple weeks.

Thank you for your continuing support of my campaign.

All my best,

Gail Eastman

During the meeting of the Anaheim City Council last week, Mayor Tait commented on its approval to spend $1,100,000 for cameras to videotape police activities, a technology whose effectiveness has not yet been firmly established. Tait referred to “developing transparency, accountability, and trust throughout the community.” I was reminded of words spoken by another governmental official.

“[I am] committed COPto creating an unprecedented level of openness in Government . . . to ensure the public trust and establish a system of transparency, public participation, and collaboration.” To date, these predictions by President Obama as he began his first term remain spurious.

Reaction to the unanimous vote of council members was immediate: “Fabulous. We’re going to be even more effective. . . Anaheim at its best, at the forefront of new technology . . . One more step in alleviating uncertainty, and developing transparency, accountability, and trust throughout the community.” The hope for more transparency and the commitment to it, however, will soon disappoint. Cops with Kodaks cannot nullify California state laws and court decisions limiting—and sometimes prohibiting—public disclosure of a wide scope of information.

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chuchua leosElfin-visaged Brian Chuchua is a fixture at Anaheim City Council meetings and a member of a gadfly claque that spends its time and energy attacking the council majority and singing hosannas to Mayor Tom Tait. He’s one of two known members of CATER, which styles itself as a group of Anaheim taxpayers who support “economic responsibility.”

He is a Republican who has run for city council twice. In 2010 he got 4.7% of the vote, finishing 8th in a field of 14 candidates. Two years later, he garnered 7% and placed 7th in a field of 10 candidates. He was endorsed by the conservative Lincoln Club of Orange County both times, and by the Republican Party of Orange County in 2012. 

In a short span of time, though, Chuchua has migrated concretely to the political Left. One sees the early stages in Chuchua’s staunch support in 2012 of John Leos, the Orange County Employees Association activist on whom the OCEA lavished hundreds of thousands of dollars in independent expenditure support. Leos also opposed Proposition 32, the conservative paycheck protection initiative that would have required unions to obtain members permission to use dues for political purposes.

Chuchua has announced his support for a gate tax to be levied on the Disneyland Resort, the Honda Center and Angel Stadium (at least for starters).

Although he is (presumably) still a Republican, Chuchua isn’t supporting the energetic, mold-breaking Republican nominee in the 65th Assembly District. Instead, he is helping the Democratic incumbent, Sharon Quirk-Silva – who support Proposition 30 to increase the state sales tax and voted to abolish the Anaheim Enterprise Zone). Here’s Chuchua, sporting his trademark yellow-tinted shades, in a Quirk-Silva campaign TV commercial now being aired:

Chuchua Quirk-Silva TV ad

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Supervisor Janet Nguyen

Supervisor Janet Nguyen

This just came over the transom from the Janet Nguyen for State Senate campaign:

Taxpayer Groups To Jose Solorio – “Stop misleading voters”

Call For Jose to Stop Claiming He Protected Prop 13

Seal Beach, CA – – Two of California’s largest taxpayer protection organizations joined forces today to call out Jose Solorio for attempting to mislead voters about his record in his campaign.

Jose’s current television advertisement states “Jose Solorio voted to Protect Prop 13.” However, as an Assemblyman he refused to vote against ACA 18, a direct assault on Proposition 13 and he voted in favor of ACR 54 which calls for a split-roll property tax and blames Prop 13 for State budget woes.

“Voters know that what politicians say and what they do isn’t always one and the same,” said HJTA President Jon Coupal. “Jose Solorio wants to call himself a protector of Prop 13 because it’s election season. Unfortunately Jose’s voting record proves otherwise. I’m challenging Jose Solorio to own up to his record and to tell voters the truth. Stop misleading voters. Janet Nguyen is the taxpayer’s choice in this election that’s a fact.”

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ward conspiracy alertIt’s been a year since the Anaheim City Council voted 4-1 (Mayor Tait in opposition) to approve a non-binding MOU establishing the framework of an agreement between the city and the Angels that would have financed the renovation of the stadium at no cost to taxpayers, and generated economic activity on idle city-owned land in the stadium district. This framework was all upside for the city, with the Angels shouldering the risk.

Not wanting such a good deal for Anaheim to go unchallenged, gadflies Cynthia Ward and Brian Chuchua subsequently formed a non-profit called CATER for the express purpose of filing lawsuits against the City of Anaheim. Their first was against the Angels MOU, alleging Brown Act violations.

Prominent among their raft of allegations of shadowy dealings has been a much bally-hooed claim that an report by Convention, Sports and Leisure on the Angels'; economic impact was furtively altered to mislead the public.

Earlier this year, CATER leader Ward wrote:

When released, the report was City stamped to indicate it was distributed to the Council majority prior to the Council meeting of September 3. Yet the version of the report released for public review was an altered version, edited after the Council meeting and purged of a glaring mistake with the potential to discredit the “experts” findings, upon which the Council based their approvals. The City Attorney’s response to CATER’s letter to Cure and Correct the Brown Act violation confirmed the two versions, as Michael Houston included both copies (one stamped, one not) in his response.

Can you imagine the repercussions should the government begin approving expenditures based on one set of documents — and then alter those records to make them more palatable to the public prior to their release?!

To ensure no one missed the import of these revelations, Ward liberally used bold-type and text  coloration emphasize this was really, truly an important point!

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stephanie-stielerAnaheim Insider here.

According to, a member of Tom Tait’s re-election campaign staff has quit his campaign and endorsed rival mayoral candidate Lorri Galloway, who was termed off the City Council in 2012:

TheLiberalOC has learned that Pastor Stephanie Stieler, who served as a field operations manager for Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait’s re-election effort, has resigned from the Tait team and has joined the campaign for Lorri Galloway for Mayor.

Lorri Galloway sent us this statement this morning:

“She (Pastor Stieler) has offered her total support, but most of all her prayers for our success.  The reason that I share this is not to boast but to share a window into my world and the reality of our campaign’s purpose.  For me, politics have never been about power and influence, but it is what I know to be God’s will for my life of service. 

Before I ever announced my intention to run for Mayor of Anaheim, amazing people of faith have come to me, not by my asking, but by their own will and they have surrounded me and covered me as powerful prayer warriors.   They pray for my family, my home, my business – The Eli Home for Abused Children, and anything that may come under attack because of my calling. 

Along with my wonderful prayer warriors, people of all ages, color, nationality and belief, have joined with us in knowing that our great city of Anaheim, after 157 years, is on the cusp of change in many more ways than one.  Many people ask me how and why I have the will and energy to take on this battle.  The peace in my heart tells me that the battle is already won, and my most important task is to walk humbly with our God.”

Lorri Galloway

You can read the rest of the post here.

Whatever happened at the Tait campaign to cause Pastor Stieler (who runs the First Light International Foundation in Anaheim) to jump ship must have been pretty significant, since less that two weeks before she at the council meeting publicly praising the Mayor and his chosen council candidates, Doug Pettibone and James Vanderbilt:

Unite Here protestorsOf the thousands of hotel workers in the Anaheim Resort, only those at a few hotels are actually paying dues into UNITE-HERE Local 11 coffers. UNITE-HERE would love to change that, and to that end has been one of the main forces behind the push to change Anaheim City Council elections from at-large to by-district.

Yesterday, UNITE-HERE Local 11 poured more money into the “Yes on Measure L” campaign. In the last four days, the militant left-wing union made contributions of $13,254.82, $1,711.89 and $11,898.65. Given the specific amounts, it’s obvious UNITE-HERE Local 11 is paying for at least a couple of city-wide mailers.

That’s $26,865.36, on top of the $25,000 donated in August by UNITE-HERE Local 11, which is also the Yes on Measure L campaign’s landlord. 

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why UNITE-HERE is putting money into passing Measure L: because by-district elections provide path to changing the Anaheim City Council from majority-Republican to majority-Democrat and leveraging that power to unionize more hotel workers, which translates into more dues money for Democratic coffers. Furthermore, UNITE-HERE would like to get back into the Honda Center and re-unionize Anaheim Arena Management’s food service workers — and having a Democratic council majority as AAM’s landlord makes that easier. 

I invite any pro-Measure L Republican who out there who thinks the measure they are supporting will not help the Democrats and will not hurt the Republicans to send me a post explaining why, and I will post it. It would make for fascinating reading.

Speaking of the Yes on Measure L campaign, it filed paperwork this week to change its name from “Committee for District Elections – sponsored by One Anaheim,” to  Committee for District Elections – Yes on Measures L & M, Sponsored by Anaheim Neighborhoods Together, a Coalition of Labor, Business and Community Organizations.”  It’s a deceptive name since Measure L has no business support; it’s contributions have come entirely from union and left-wing political action committees.

Eastman 9-24-14 fundraiser picThis came over the transom yesterday from Councilwoman Gail Eastman’s re-election campaign:


My fundraiser lunch at the Anaheim White House Restaurant is a little over a week away! There are still spots available and I would love to see you there.

Please join me for a fundraiser luncheon on Wednesday, September 24, 2014 from 12:00 – 1:30 p.m hosted by Bruno Serato.

With campaign season in full swing, now more than ever I need your support as we continue our fight to keep our citizens safe and expand our jobs base while maintaining balanced city budgets and protecting Anaheim’s quality of life.

I look forward to seeing you there.


Gail Eastman

Click here for the event flyer logoAs I reported on Thursday, contributions from unions and left-wing political groups to the Yes on Measure L campaign now total more than $200,000. It could be more: we don’t know how much the campaign received during July, prior to the beginning of 24-hour reporting of contributions of a $1,000 or more.

However, the contributions paint a very clear picture that shifting Anaheim City Council elections from an at-large to by-district basis is very important to these outside special interest groups.

One of those left-wing interest groups is San Francisco-based, which is one of the largest donors to the Measure L campaign, kicking in $45,000. I posted some background on this left-wing donor aggregator last month. The group describes itself this way in the San Francisco Bay Area Progressive Directory:

“PowerPAC directs financial and human resources to strategic local and state legislative fights, ballot initiatives, and other campaigns by organizing donors who are committed to social justice politics. We identify priority areas for investment and help donors achieve maximum political impact with their political giving.”

Who are those donors? Nobody but and its donors know the answer to that question. The $45,000 donation to Measure L came from the Voter Fund, and according to the California Secretary of State, that $45,000 came from 

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Galloway Calle

Lorri Galloway was interviewed on September 5 on Fox News LA by anchor Tony McEwing and OC Register editorialists Brian Calle and Joseph Perkins, as part of a series of “You Decide 2014″ interviews with local candidates.

I found it well worth watching. Not so much because one learns anything new about Lorri Galloway, but because one gets a better sense of how the OC Register editorial page will approach the Anaheim’s municipal elections.

In 2012, the libertarian conservative newspaper’s endorsed Anaheim council candidate John Leos — the anti-paycheck protection union activist on whose behalf the Orange County Employees Association spent north of $600,000 in two cycles, but whom Mayor Tom Tait endorsed after dropping Steve Chavez Lodge a few months before election.  

If body language is any indication, it seems OC Register is pre-disposed to endorse a “yes” vote on Measure L – even though shifting Anaheim city council elections from an at-large to by-district basis will lead to kind of municipal government policies the OC Register editorial page opines against.

At the 4:27 mark in the video, McEwing brings up by-district elections, and framing of the issue in a way that is informed by the liberal premises that authentic representation is a function of race and ethnicity, and at-large elections disenfranchise Latino voters. Calle nods vigorously throughout McEwing’s framing of the issue :

“Let me bring up another issue that is huge in Anaheim, and it’s the way the city elections are held, the electoral process, it is probably one of the major issues, and you have the ACLU, which certainly believes that the way elections are held, the at-large elections as opposed to district elections, has resulted in an under-representation of particularly minorities, Latinos in particular. Are you in favor of district-wide elections as opposed to at-large elections, the way their held now.”

I hope the OC Register does not endorse Measure L. The editorial board’s traditional fealty to limited government is not served by a left-wing political initiative intended to breakdown limitations on the scope of Anaheim city government. The editorial page’s long-time support for color-blind government stands in opposition to Measure L, which is fueled by a belief in color-conscious government. 

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moreno leos

Jose Moreno’s city council campaign e-mailed out this fundraising invite today:

Dear Friend,

With Election Day arriving in less than 9 weeks the Dr. Jose F. Moreno campaign is sprinting towards the finish line, BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP!

October is Voter Outreach Month and our community-centered campaign needs YOUR help more than ever to raise the money that we need to bring our campaign message to the voters’ doorstep and mailbox.

We need to raise $40,000 in September to fully implement our mail program and supply our volunteers with everything they need for October including phones, campaign literature, clipboards, pens, refreshments and snacks.

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Anaheim Mayor Pro Tem Kris Murray

Anaheim Mayor Pro Tem Kris Murray

This came over the transom from Mayor Pro Tem Kris Murray’s re-election campaign:

Lincoln Club of OC Endorses Kris Murray for Anaheim City Council

Lincoln Club cites Murray’s stance on lower taxes and limited government

(Anaheim) – Mayor Pro Tem Kris Murray has been endorsed by the Lincoln Club of Orange County in her race for reelection to the Anaheim City Council, her campaign announced today. The esteemed organization is dedicated to protecting individual freedoms and economic growth through lower taxes and limited government.

“The Lincoln Club seeks to promote good government by supporting the candidates who espouse the ideals of limited government, lower taxes, expanded freedom and the rule of law. We look forward to working with you in promoting these ideals when you are elected,” Lincoln Club officials said in a letter announcing the endorsement.

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UFCW got four more years of Obama. Now it wants by-district elections in Anaheim.

The union/progressive campaign to pass Measure L – which would replace at-large council elections with a by-district system — received a big infusion of union money on Tuesday.

The United Food and Commercial Workers International Union gave $60,000 to the Committee for District Elections, which is running the Yes on Measure L campaign. The Committee for District Elections is being run by veteran left-wing activist Eric Altman, recently departed from running the progressive advocacy group OCCORD.

Now, this is money from the national UFCW, not a local affiliate. Shifting Anaheim to by-district elections is important enough to the national UFCW in Washington, D.C., that it cuts a check for $60,000 – the single biggest donation to date to the Yes on Measure L campaign.  Amazing how the UFCW can see clearly from 3,000 miles away what a surprising number of local Republicans cannot (or will not).

That brings total known contributions to the pro-Measure L campaign to $206,100 (I say “known” because we won’t know until the next campaign reports how much was contributed during July). All of this money is from liberal special interests. Much of it is “dark money.” Not a penny of it is from Anaheim. 

Who knows? Now that the total has exceeded $200,000, the Voice of OC and the OC Register might actually report on this flood of union and left-wing money from outside of Anaheim trying to change how Anaheim elects its city council.

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Anaheim Councilwoman Lucille Kring

Anaheim Councilwoman Lucille Kring

This came over the transom yesterday from the Lucille Kring for Mayor of Anaheim campaign:

Dear Friend,

Summer is ending and Lucille Kring’s campaign for Anaheim Mayor is in HIGH GEAR! We are in position to win this November and your help is needed now.

Thursday September 18
5:30 pm to 7:30 pm

Hosted bar and Hors d’oeuvres

“Tangerine Grill”
1030 W Katella Ave, Anaheim, CA 92802
RSVP to: 714-530-2366

Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas
Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens
Assemblyman Don Wagner
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911_fountain_memorialThis came over the transom yesterday from Mayor Pro Tem Kris Murray (apologies for not posting it earlier so folks had more advance notice):

[Today] marks the 13th anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks on our nation. To honor the brave men and women who lost theirs lives and the heroic sacrifices of the first responders, Anaheim Fire and Rescue, Anaheim Police Department, and the Anaheim/Orange County Visitor and Convention Bureau invite the community, active and military personnel, visitors, and first responders to a remembrance ceremony.

The September 11th Remembrance Ceremony will take place at the Anaheim Convention Center Grand Plaza. The 30-minute ceremony will begin promptly at 8:46 a.m. – the time at which the first plane hit the North Tower of the World Trade Center. Attendees are asked to arrive at the Grand Plaza by 8:30 a.m. Complimentary parking will be available at the Anaheim Convention Center parking lot off of Katella Ave.

“Thirteen years ago, our nation’s military and emergency personnel made the ultimate sacrifice even after recognizing that they faced a seemingly insurmountable challenge,” said Anaheim Police Chief Raul Quezada. “This ceremony will be a tribute to all the victims as well as an opportunity to honor those who serve our community and country today.”

“We should never forget the courage demonstrated by first responders and civilians on September 11th,” said Fire Chief Randy R. Bruegman. “This remembrance ceremony allows those who live or work in Anaheim as well as those that may be visiting an opportunity to pay their respects.”

I hope you will join us as we honor those who perished and those who continue to serve our community as first responders. For more information on the ceremony, click here.

Kindest regards,

Kris Murray
Mayor Pro Tem
City of Anaheim

lady on phoneAn alert reader in Anaheim who was contacted for a campaign survey last Tuesday took detailed notes and forwarded them to me – which I now share with Anaheim Blog readers:

1. How familiar are you with the following people or organizations? [List mayoral and council candidates?]

2. If the election were held today, who would be your first choice for mayor?
a. Who would be your second choice for mayor?

3. If the election were held today, who would be your first choice for city council?
a. Who would be your second choice for city council?

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Jose Moreno

Jose Moreno

Ms. Jeanette Saldivar is a parent activist from Benito Juarez Elementary School in the Anaheim City School District. She, along with a number of other Juarez parents (whom one local liberal elitist blogger denigrated as a “pitchfork-wielding mob) has been vocal in protesting the shabby treatment of former Juarez Principal Roberto Baeza. According to numerous sources, Baeza has been a special target of ACSD Board Trustee Jose Moreno, who is now trying to move up to Anaheim City Council.  

This evening, Ms. Saldivar e-mailed out this polemic entitled “Open Letter to Dr, Jose Moreno:”

To Whom It May Concern:

I am Jeanette Saldivar, one of the Juarez parents who has expressed her displeasure with how Dr. Jose Moreno, President of the Anaheim City School District Governing Board, and Dr. Linda Wagner, district superintendent, who removed Dr. Roberto Baeza from Juarez Elementary to transfer him to Palm Lane where they both said he was needed because he was the best principal in the Anaheim City School District. Not six months into his principalship at Palm Lane, where parents comment on the huge changes they noticed from day one in how things were run, he was removed for reasons no one knows. But we know he couldn’t have done something illegal or immoral because he was placed back in the classroom-with kids. Dr. Wagner has even said Dr. Baeza did nothing illegal or immoral. However, Dr. Moreno wants you to believe that there is a “little secret” that they can’t talk about because it is a personnel issue. This type of wording makes it seem like he did something that got him “fired.”

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moreno lefty moneyLeft-wing Chicano Studies professor Jose Moreno received two more checks from his fellow travelers on the political portside.

$1,900 From UNITE-HERE Local 11
On September 5, UNITE-HERE Local 11 – the militant union representing hotel and food service workers – gave him the maximum contribution of $1,900. This is no surprise, given the ties of ideology and association that bind Moreno and UNITE-HERE.

As readers know, UNITE-HERE would love nothing more than to have the thousands of non-unionized hotel workers in Anaheim on its membership rolls. It would represent an enormous infusion to dues revenue for the union. As I’ve noted before, unions are businesses. They are in the dues business. When UNITE-HERE fighting with Disney a few years ago, the sticking point was health care: Disney’s offer included a health care package for UNITE-HERE members. That may have been good for UNITE-HERE’s members, but not so good for UNITE-HERE, because those workers would no longer have been buying their health insurance from the union.

Currently, UNITE-HERE’s non-profit community organizing arm OCCORD (of which Moreno is a director) is litigating the city’s economic assistance agreement with the GardenWalk Hotels investors. OCCORD’s lawyer in the case is left-wing San Diego attorney Cory Briggs (who is also challenging the Anaheim Convention Center expansion in court in conjunction with CATER). OCCORD wants UNITE-HERE to represent the GardenWalk Hotels’ workers; if that happens, the lawsuit goes away. Welcome to unionized America.

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